Monday, August 31, 2015


We had a really good day.  Oliver woke up early since we had a window washer come early to our home to start cleaning ALL of our windows.   (For a very reasonable price!)  Oliver took the opportunity to go outside.

Listening for crows.  

Our pumpkins had a really good morning!

We had a good afternoon together:

Guess where we went!?


New bigger noodles and a nice swim were a 
perfect way to spend some quality time together.  

P.S.  In case you were wondering it was dark when we got home, but the windows are gleaming in the moonlight.  No neighbor kids are allowed over here for a week.  

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Teary Transition.  

It got better after a bath and Wild Kratts.

Also some of this.
Mommy is so glad Oliver is home.  (Goodnight.)

The 1989 World Tour

 Mommy went to see Taylor Swift in concert at Petco Park in San Diego.  Her friends and her have had their tickets for nine months!  It was AMAZING!  Taylor is such a great performer, singer, and beautiful soul.

(Mommy is putting her pictures here so she never, ever loses them.)  Enjoy!


Cute Mom and daughter dressed up
like the television characters Taylor
named her cats after...


This girl was so cute and creative!

You can't really see but Taylor had a whole lot
of semi trucks for her show.  It would be so 
neat to see them on the road!

Cute Swifites.

So much creativity at the concert!

Eileen in the dark.
45,000 people, SOLD OUT!

Every seat had a bracelet light.  


These brought the show to a whole other level.


Mommy got Oliver a light stick.

He is so good.

Waiting for Taylor to come one.

Our other friends who came later, Janet and Jenna.


She brought Avril Lavigne who sang, Complicated!

Shake it off!


Late night train station waiting with Taylor.

Happy, tired eyes.

We had to wait awhile for the train to head up
the tracks.  

Good thing we had stuff to keep us busy!  

Mommy is so very glad she was able to go to this concert!