Thursday, August 6, 2015

Muddy Fountain Park Chautauqua

There was so much rain in the weeks before park began that the grounds were a bit flooded!  It was quite an experience the first week until things dried up a bit!  Oliver enjoyed catching toads and mucking through the mud!  

Some thoughts from the Tri Kappa
Stand and some things to think about...

1st morning, eating Mommy's pancake breakfast when she
came back from her race in Lafayette!  Instant energy
for some major exploring!

Here we go, some pictures of big puddles:

Carpenter Creek on the outside of park.

Mommy heard something....

Wonder if this is the first time a Jeep was
used to winch Fountain Park's trailers into
their spots?!?

Mosquitos, humidity, sweat, springs popping through the cottage daybeds, rusty tasting and smelling water, friends, laughter, midwest food, lots of learning opportunities is what makes Fountain Park such a wonderful and memorable experience.  (Mommy hopes to continue this tradition every year.)  

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