Friday, August 7, 2015

Indiana Beach

 We are big fans of amusement parks, especially old ones like Indiana Beach on Schaffer Lake in the town of Monticello.  Mommy's grandparents lived on the lake when she was growing up.   We took a ton of pictures, we also went twice!

We were on those moving swing things!

Mommy keeps winning!

Tickets from this year and last year!

Mommy's bumper car didn't work.  She got to
watch all the fun while sitting in the corner.
(Some things in life are just not fair.)

Mommy's favorite ride.  This one felt like it was going 
to fly away at the top.  

Riding on his own!  Mommy can't do spinning
kind of rides.

Mommy kept getting better and better
at this game!

Feeding fish!

On the Schaffer Queen!  A 30 minutes tour!

He wasn't super impressed by the little kid rides...

Wanting more...

(Come on.)

Penny machine didn't work!

Look at what he grabbbed!

He's got Mommy's skills!

The machine is a trick though.  Oh well.

A spinning ride again, he loves them!

The Schaffer Queen.  We learned a lot
of interesting local history while on our ride.
Oliver wanted one of these!

On the Ferris Wheel before heading back to
the cottage.

Such neat homes on the lake.


Coming back for more with Mommy's friend
Crystal!  She found out we were going to be
at park from the blog!  We haven't seen each other 
for 20 years!!!!  We had a nice time together.

Oliver found a bottle that said, "Crystal."  He calls
her "Hundred Dollars" because he thinks thats
what Crystal is worth.  

Being brave.


Our only together pictures.  

We hope to go back next year! 

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