Monday, August 10, 2015

Family and Friends

We had a nice time visiting with friends and family at Park.  Shane was a huge lovebug with all of his cousins!

Claire and Kendall met each other and hit it off!
Mommy has since heard that there was a lot
of drama in their little friendship the week after
we left!

Shane was in Cousin Judd's arms for a long time!
First he cooked all the hamburgers and hot dogs
with him, then he fell asleep in his arms where
he stayed for awhile!  

These two....

Hanging out at the annual wacky water show!

There is sweet Corbin!  See how cute he is
when he isn't grumpy!?

Aunt Jess likes to grab Mommy's bottom.  
Every picture we take together.  

Her hand is creeping over, you just can't see it.
It was very hot and humid this day!!!

These two!  Listening to their voices chattering on
late into the night is kind of soothing.


Goofball cousins!  So glad I got to officially meet
Hannah, Sally, and Dale!  Sally is Steve's sissy!

Her husband is kind of funny!

Some of our favorite cousins!  

Sweet mother love.

Look at his cutie face!

Lots of porch sitting.  

Have to post these friend pictures again! ( So
glad that this blog brought an old friend my way!)

Mommy would still like to finish putting up pictures from last year, but, alas, school starts for her tomorrow.  Then next Thursday her Fall semester starts for her Masters program.  We'll see if she can fit it in!

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