Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Donut Wednesday

We had a really nice donut Wednesday.  It was kind of quiet and really nice.

iPhoto is acting up.  

(Mommy's tea.)

Oliver is off with his Daddy now.  Hopefully they are figuring out the new homework routine that Oliver is taking a lot of pride and responsibility in.  BEING RESPONSIBLE IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL TO LEARN YOUNG.  Think about it.

Mommy had a not so quiet evening at the Boy Scout Popcorn Lottery.  This shadowing business is serious.  We secured some good sites for selling popcorn in front of stores.  Mommy thinks she'll be fine next year, especially since she plans to have only one class of her masters program left in the fall.  Phew.

Mommy will see Oliver at 2:00 on Sunday.  

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