Sunday, August 16, 2015

Little Free Library

With the help of some friends and neighbors we put the Little Free Library up this afternoon and gardened the area!  We are waiting to get our plaque and official charter number in the mail!  It will be neat to see people discover the library and share reading with others!  

Snapshots from today, it was about 100 degrees:

Sitting at the table where rich people sit making
signs that say, "Don't touch yet!"  We need the concrete
to set.  We will put the books that have been donated in
the library tomorrow when we get home from our
first day of school!!!

Silly kids.

Otto our builder and Little Library decorator!  

Kiddo helpers!  

Neighbors and friends!  Thanks Eileen for
taking the picture!

Good earthy tools.
(Mommy digs.)  

Oliver is off with his Daddy with evening.  He will be starting 2nd grade in the morning in Mrs. Olmstead's classroom!  Oliver is excited he heard she has a pet lizard in class, Mommy is excited because she heard she has a piano in her classroom.  Sounds like a fun teacher!  Mommy can't wait to hear about Oliver's day tomorrow!

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