Sunday, August 16, 2015


We had a long, busy, productive day preparing for a lot of things.  Now, Mommy can't stay awake, she'll add captions sometime tomorrow. (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Preparing Mommy's Classroom for 
1st day of school:

Oliver is becoming a better helper.

Track in the making:

Mommy and 3 other teachers wrote a grant
that we sent in May to the Chargers
Foundation.  We asked for money to build
a track and an obstacle course!  We were
awarded the $30,000 for our school this summer!
Track construction started this week!  Mommy's
Girls on the Run team will have a nice running
surface and so will our students!  Yay!!!

Boy Scouts Popcorn Rally:

We went to check out the popcorn rally to get
excited to sell popcorn and to see if our
den/pack should be participating.

Mommy likes to watch Oliver do archery.
He is good at it.

Too HOT to jump!

Mommy thinks it would be cool if Oliver could
reach this goal.  It would be a lot of work!  We'll see!
He is almost half way to his goal of $1,000!  





We went to Ikea on our way back to get something
for Mommy's classroom.  Oliver loves the meatballs!

Mommy tried the vegetable balls with sweet
potato sauce.  They were
pretty good!

We passed the Charger's stadium!  Mommy and
the other teachers get to go to the first game 
September 13th against the Detroit Lions.  The 
Chargers foundation gave us field level seats and 
we'll be recognized sometime during the game!

Mommy got a shirt last week!  She thinks
she'll be needing it a lot this year!!!

Cub Scout Pack 659 Movie Night:

2015-2016 Cub Scout Year kick off!!  They had a cool
blow up movie screen in the back yard!

We watched Big Hero 6 and hung out with friends,
it was nice.  

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