Sunday, August 9, 2015


We had a lot of fun on our vacation!

We like traveling.  We don't get to
do it very much, so we enjoy it!

Chicago, IL

Mommy ran a race in Lafayette, IN for 
the 2nd year in a row:

The Mayor of Lafayette and Mommy!

Monkey business!

Mommy's loot for winning 1st place in age group 30-39!

Fountain Park Kick Off Chicken Dinner:

Yum!  The greasy potatoes made Mommy's
humidity race headache so much better!
Oliver liked the white bread.  Special occasions.

Cake Walk!  Mommy won two that night!

Finding old friends!  Kaeden and Oliver!

Mommy had to study a lot and turn a lot of 
assignments on our vacation:

She had fun at the small library and
got to hang out a little bit 
with the sweet librarian.  


We got to go to Grammie and Grandpa's college.
We were searching for some important statues...
stay tuned.

We found Neil Armstrong's moon footprints!
Did you know that Neil Armstrong went to Purdue?


Taking one big leap for mankind!

Did you know Amelia Earhart was
a professor for a couple of years at Purdue?


Tabernacle at Park:

Theodore Roosevelet.  Mommy had a class
meeting and couldn't be there.  She gave Kaeden
money for the candy stand for him, Oliver, and 
little brother Corbin.  They went and got some
treats before the show.  Oliver enjoyed himself!

A cute store in town.  So cute.
Yummy foods, coffee, and gifts!


Park was so green!

Art Colony:

Quilting one one side and art for 
kids on the other!


Candy Stand:  
Mommy didn't get a picture of the stand.  Oops.

Penny candy.

Penny candy.

Penny candy.

Penny candy.

Penny candy.

Penny candy.

Penny candy.

Waiting for dinner at the Hotel:

Yum.  Chicken and noodels.  Oliver LOVED it!

It was a busy, popular night!  We had fun eating with 
everyone that sat at our table!

Corbin was Mr. Grumpy pants.

Mr. Grumpy Pants is really cute when he is grumpy.

So cute, Mommy wrote a "poem" about him.

 More Shows:

Junk Shopping:
Oliver picking out a pocket knife he
paid for with his own money.  The man
helped him and answered questions for
Oliver.  Oliver left him a quarter tip in the take
a penny leave a penny tray.  Sweet.

More Library:

St. Joe's College in Renssealear, 12 miles
from Remington. 

Mommy's Great Grandma Post, the owner of
the cottage, worked as a nutritionist at the college!

Just a little bit gorgeous!  

The other side of the art colony:

Mommy painted again with a lot 
of nice people.

Rock painting ideas!!!!

Kids Talent Show in the Tabernacle:

Mommy's favorite performance.  

Raffi song!  The more we get together, the
happier we'll be!  

 Tie Dye Fun:

Figuring out how to make patterns.

Shane and Claire's shirts!



Pizza at Arnis and a car show:

Junk shopping too while waiting for a table!

He found a bear he couldn't live without.


Driving in West Lafayette.

Quickly using the luxuries at the Loflen's hotel
and Mommy playing with this cute 
WALKING baby!  9 months old and walking!
Oliver did the same thing!

Oliver wanted to participate this year, he was just to
tired.  He wondered why they start at 9:00 am on
a Saturday.  He is like a mini teenager who 
likes to sleep in now!

Beautiful hotel and a very lightly attended Olympics.

Art Colony again:

Is it a type of art that Mommy isn't putting
the pictures in order?  Oh well.

Tri Kappa Stand Reminder:

(Mommy thinks this is still important.)


It was kind of fun driving that Tahoe!

We are such popcorn lovers.

Mommy hopes we can go a little longer next year.  

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