Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Donut Wednesday

We had a great Donut Wednesday!  We chose our donuts and cuddled together at the picnic tables.  We love Donut Wednesdays!

Searching for his donut.

Steamy donut windows!

Oliver's Donut.
(Brown and tasty!)

Mommy's Donut Hole!

Sprinkle Bag.

Mommy's Coffee.
(Saved it for nap time!)


Oliver will be off with his Daddy after school tomorrow.  Mommy will get to see her donut eater again Sunday afternoon!  

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Adventures

Mommy had some cute little visitors come play for a bit today with our daycare friends:

Mommy loves these two little people!  She wishes Oliver could have played with them too!

Oliver had a good day at school!  We were ready for a relaxing swim at the Y:

Oliver brought Fade with us, he played with

While Mommy called AAA because she locked
the keys in our car!  Bananas!

At least it happened at the Y!  Help came pretty fast.
Mommy knows the drill, this is the second time in a year 
that it has happened to her!

Mommy should have been more careful.  
Leaving the applesauce on our roof on Sunday
was just the beginning!  
(Maybe Mommy has too much on her plate?)

Oliver was interested in watching the
tow truck driver.

Oliver called AAA, Chick-Fil-A tonight because
that is how he heard AAA.  Silly Chicken!

The man worked on the passenger side door, we watched 
from the driver's side.  Pretty neat!

We still went swimming and enjoyed
having the pool all to ourselves at the end!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!
(Mommy needs more sleep!)

Monday, January 28, 2013


Oliver had a great day at school!  He loves seeing his friends!  He kept pestering Mommy on the way home to set up a playdates with Adeile and Alyssa from the Y!  He loves his friends and he loves showing people his home!

We worked on homework for a bit tonight!

Oliver read me his story.

Working on mastering this word list.

This made Mommy smile tonight!
Good work Oliver Owen!

Reading to Mommy!

(Good story title!)

Sitting in Mommy's lap working on one page
of math homework!  He usually has NINE pages
of Kindergarten homework.  Wow.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


We had a nice Sunday together.  Oliver hung out with Grammie for a bit in the morning while Mommy took her Y break and then we were off for a swim!

He was very interested in the warped fountain!

Waiting for slow Mommy!

We love swim time!

After our swim we went back to Grammie's for a bit and then....

We celebrated National Pie Day which
was last Wednesday!

He was a little excited!

He already knew which piece he wanted and was
a bit impatient.  It kind of made it hard for Mommy 
and Grammie, or maybe just Mommy to relax.

We would have played but $1 is too much
for one chance!  Geez!

Pie Selection!

Mommy's Coffee.  Oliver made it spill
from shaking the table too much!  Grrr.
(She needs the warmth from it.  There
is just something about her coffee.)

We got three pieces but had the
waitress split them all in half.  We tried
to trick Oliver so he wouldn't eat the
whole chocolate cream pie!  It didn't
really work!  He still ate most of 
both pieces of the chocolate cream pie!

Chocolate Raspberry Harvest Pie.
Mommy and Grammie ate this piece first.  This was our first choice.
(Mommy and Grammie have kind of the same ideas!  Not
much different than National Pie Day 2012!)

Chocolate Pie head!

Our Pie Plates!  
We love National Pie Day!