Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Mommy is thankful tonight.  It must be the calming swim we had and all the sweet thoughts she had about Oliver today.  When she buckled him in the car and headed to school she told him, "I love you."  He responded with, "I know!"  It just made Mommy smile and giggle a little.  

Mommy is thankful that Oliver is so
excited when he is the VIP in his

Mommy is also thankful that we
are able to swim together!

And thankful that Kim put Oliver's bracelet on today
and Mommy's too!!!  Kim knows how to make us happy!

Thankful for noodles.

And thankful for the the aerobic class
that plays music on Tuesday night!
This song was playing as we were
getting out of the pool.  (You are
amazing, just the way you are.)


Mommy is thankful for her little redheaded swimmer!


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