Saturday, January 26, 2013


We had a slowish day today.  Oliver hung out with Grammie for a bit in the morning while Mommy had her Y break.  Then we just hung out and went to the library and did everything really slow.  We came home and did some chores and played more.

Slow Saturday.  Nice Saturday!
Choosing some books for Oliver at the library!

He loves Little Bear!

This Hobbit display at the library is really neat!  
Mommy likes the mossy cottage!

On our walk over to the coffee shop we saw
this mossy bench.  So pretty and unexpected!  

We found this beautiful leaf too!
(Isn't it beautiful?)

The post office is right by the library.  We had some mail to drop off.
Oliver is the official drive-thru mail dropper person now!

We went on our milk walk today!  
Mommy spied a big hawk on a fence!

We were pretty excited about our hawk sighting!

Our walk helped us wake up a little, the 
misty air felt so nice!
(We laughed a lot on our walk too.)

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