Sunday, January 13, 2013


After a nice time with Grammie, Oliver and Mommy were off for another busy, fun, relaxing day!  


We love swimming!

Oliver has so much energy, swim
is a great way to burn some of it off!

Looking at Sharon, our pool friend.
We were really excited to see her in
the pool today, its been awhile 
since we have seen her, so we were worried.
Oliver loves her!


We love going to the library!  We
always have ideas for things to get!
It is also nice to rest and study!

Reading!  Oliver is on Level C and Mommy
was in Switzerland today.  

Oliver wanted Mommy to wait at the top
of the stairs...

He went around, can you see him?

And he came back to Mommy!

We stopped by to see Rachel and Waylon 
for a few minutes and picked up Oliver's
legos!  Cuteness!

Rachel was so proud of her manicure that her
Mommy gave her!  Mommy and Oliver gave
her that ring today!  So cute!

Rachel wanted Oliver to take her picture!
She is one big lovely Marshmallow!  Mommy loves her!

And Mommy loves this little person too!

Milk Walk:

We drove to Trader Joe's and Mommy
walked the cart back to the milk while
Oliver played with his legos!


We came home and watched Brave.
It was a really great movie about a princess who
didn't want to be a princess, she didn't care about
her hair or all the things that go with being a princess.
She just wanted to be herself.  Her name is Merida.

Merida and her mom, the Queen, kind of didn't agree
on everything.  But by the end of the movie, a lot changed.
For the better.  (Mommy thinks Grammie should watch
this movie, she would like it.)

We liked the last line that Merida spoke:  
"Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it."

Good movie!  (Mommy is such a dreamer.)

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