Saturday, January 12, 2013


We had a really fun together day!  We started it at Grammie's and then we were off for some fun!

The Library:

Oliver loves working on his reading and playing
fun games on! 

The Coffee Shop outside was having a year
anniversary celebration.  We listened to the performers
and played.  Mommy likes the girl's voice!

The Coffee Shop is pretty nice, but we've never
tried anything there.  We are pretty loyal to 
La Costa Coffee Roasting.  Which is just a 
short walk across the parking lot.  
(Mommy is a pretty loyal person.)

But we still tried their tea!  Maybe one
day we'll try something there that they
don't have at our favorite coffee shop!

Mommy spilled.
(Mommy always spills stuff.  Its awful.)

 Stagecoach Park:
We played at the park for a little bit.  Oliver
had a lot of energy, this was a good place to go!

Sweatpants swagger.

Playing ocean.

While Mommy read.  This is a good
travel book!  Mommy is on the first chapter, she
is in the Netherlands right now!  

Oliver liked playing on these bridges!

Mommy is really thinking about taking
some kind of beginning tennis class.

He played in the old covered up pond thing.

He also played on the playground for a little bit.


We used up a little more of our energy
at the pool!

Showing Jessica his legos!

Brrr....cold again!

But we had fun and stayed in for a long time!


We came home to rest, play, and go to bed early.


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