Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Adventures

Mommy had some cute little visitors come play for a bit today with our daycare friends:

Mommy loves these two little people!  She wishes Oliver could have played with them too!

Oliver had a good day at school!  We were ready for a relaxing swim at the Y:

Oliver brought Fade with us, he played with

While Mommy called AAA because she locked
the keys in our car!  Bananas!

At least it happened at the Y!  Help came pretty fast.
Mommy knows the drill, this is the second time in a year 
that it has happened to her!

Mommy should have been more careful.  
Leaving the applesauce on our roof on Sunday
was just the beginning!  
(Maybe Mommy has too much on her plate?)

Oliver was interested in watching the
tow truck driver.

Oliver called AAA, Chick-Fil-A tonight because
that is how he heard AAA.  Silly Chicken!

The man worked on the passenger side door, we watched 
from the driver's side.  Pretty neat!

We still went swimming and enjoyed
having the pool all to ourselves at the end!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!
(Mommy needs more sleep!)

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