Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oliver had a little playdate with Mommy today for a few hours while his Daddy worked.  Oliver met Mommy at the Y and we went swimming!  Then off to the library, of course!

Cuteness in shorts!

We watched kids taking swim classes for 
about ten minutes.  Mommy had that planned,
she would like to have Oliver take swim 
lessons again, but she wants him to
feel confident about them.  She doesn't
want to push him.  

We swam into someone pretty cool!

Beautiful day today.

Oliver waiting for Mommy!

Oliver read and played math games while Mommy
was in Qatar for a bit!  

They had Science Saturday going on but Oliver
wasn't interested in the topic.  Its was about
Technology and Change!  Mommy thought it
sounded interesting, especially because they
got to tour the behind the scene circulation area.
(Mommy is still interested in studying library science.)

Mommy in the coffee shop, Oliver in the tree.

Oliver is off with his Daddy now until tomorrow at 5:00.  Oliver is going on his annual adventure tonight to the Monster Truck Show!  Lucky kid!  

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