Thursday, January 24, 2013


Oliver had a pretty good day at school.  He was a little wacky at home tonight, but we had fun just hanging out at home!  

Performing a little show for Mommy!
We love having Fade in our family room,
he leans against our big bookshelf!

Oliver's weekly reading book!
(Mommy loves the title!)

Reading to Mommy.


Mommy is documenting here.  Oliver didn't see her 
take this picture.  He is talking and crying about his feelings
about missing part of the recess play time at the Y
because a group of boys he was part of got in trouble.  We had
a really good discussion about it.  Oliver wants to follow
rules and gets really sad when he is in trouble.  Mommy
thinks thats a good thing.  

Calmed down.

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