Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day Camp and Ready!

We spent more time getting ready today and Oliver went to JJ camp from 11 to 5 today.  He worked hard, had fun, and even got to walk to the Farmer's Market with the other kids since JJ is on Grand and its Tuesday!  

We are off tomorrow around noon for Indiana until the end of July.  Mommy won't be blogging unless she feels totally inspired.  She'll take a lot of pictures though and maybe this year they'll actually make it on the blog.   

We're excited!

Mommy gardened a little....these grapes
just flourish in our yard.  We don't have
to do anything!

Future pumpkin patch!

Some pumpkin sprouts!

A crane was busy early this morning putting
oak trees in places at the winery.  Its
really looking good over there!


Stop mom.

We ate a yummy taco dinner together.

This is a contented smile and we're ready
for vacation look!

Summer is so wonderful!  

Monday, July 10, 2017

Getting Ready

Oliver spent most of the day playing with his cats, going through his tackle box, resting, and playing guitar.  Mommy spent most of the day tying up loose ends and getting ready for our long trip to Indiana.  We are looking forward to it!

George found a nice spot....

We're going to miss our kitties when we're gone!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Beachy Day

Another beach day.  This time with the Loflens!  We're sooooo glad they live closer!  

We got to see Grammie this weekend too!
It's been awhile since Mommy had Y time and
Oliver had Grammie/cartoon time!  

At the Loflens we all fit in Uncle Chad's newish truck!


The troop.

Aunt Jess didn't like the bird on her bag.

Mommy thought it was awesome!

Claire got a splinter.  She visited the lifeguard
to get tweezers.  Second time in her life
she has visited the lifeguard station for a boo boo.
Mommy thinks she might just have an ulterior motive...

Sweet Shane.

Boogie boarding!

Sitting in another families chair....ha.

Off we go.

Claire's finger hurt.  She didn't understand
what was so funny.

Cheesy bath picture!

On our way home we saw Aunt Ali
in the Target lot.  We gave Rachel and
Waylon sweet hugs.  We are glad we got to see
all our little people today!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beach Day

We went to Carlsbad State Beach today for a little bit. We had a lot of fun.  Oliver only had a few tears when we get to the beach- he thought it was boring.  Once he got his rhythm with the boogie board he was loving it!  He's lucky we live where we live!  We'll be back!

Mommy could finally relax.  He got it.