Friday, August 31, 2012


Mommy and Oliver helped Grammie and Grandpa a little bit today.  They both have been a little sick.  They are both recovering and will probably, hopefully, sleep until noon tomorrow!

Waiting for Grammie to get out of the
the Doctor's Office.  She got good news there!
No yucky cancer!

At Grammie and Grandpa's taking
a rest on the swing.

Mommy and Oliver went to pick up Grandpa
at the airport!  Adventure!  We took a fun
video but Mommy can't upload it tonight.
Maybe tomorrow! 

(Mommy sees the moon.)

San Diego.

We went here with Grandpa.

We saw some neat stuff.


Happy healing weekend for Grammie and Grandpa!  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Donut Wednesday

Yippie Donut Wednesday!  We had fun at the Donut Shop this morning!  We love our Wednesday mornings together!

Happy Wednesday!

Looking for the one.

Mommy likes this one!
(Sweet Big OLD Heart!)

Being creative with his payment method...


Oliver's Donut.

Mommy's donut hole.

Sprinkle lips!

Mommy's Coffee.
(Yum and dark with some lines.)

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school.  Mommy will see him on Friday for another wonderful together weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Tonight Mommy helped Oliver work on homework!  She is trying to establish a routine at home for working on homework and reading his daily storybook that he brings home each day.  We talked about the order of our night and we decided together when to fit in homework.  Oliver did a good job and with each homework session he seems to be gaining more confidence and is focusing more.  

Homework is serious.  Especially in Kindergarten.  Building blocks for the rest of his school career.  

Oliver's Homework Folder.

His homework supply bucket.

Working on a poster.

Mommy helped write most of the items on his
poster, but she had him write his favorite color!
(Mommy likes red too!  And purple...)

Reading his book to Mommy.  He knows the word
says "little" but he would say, "tiny" and "small"
instead just to be funny!  Silly reader!  

Mommy thinks we are off to a good homework start!  

Mommy wanted to share some pretty flowers given to
us by a daycare family.  
(It's nice to feel appreciated.)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Adventure

Oliver had a nice day at school!  Second week of Kindergarten!  Yippie!  

After he worked on homework and got ready for bed we headed for the Y.  The pool is closed but we wanted to see what it looked like empty!  We like to stick to our routines, if you haven't noticed! Even if they have funny quirks to them, it helps us stay balanced.  (Mommy likes balance.)  Oliver played on the playground for a bit and then visited with Grammie!

Walking to the pool!

Peeking in.

Empty pool!  
Water was being put back in it though.

Oliver found another door that looked
in on the competitive pool.



Sweet Monkey!  

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We had a nice day!  In the late afternoon we had some friends over for babysitting!  Oliver had a lot of fun with the two older boys!  Yippie!

Happy Sunday!

We did a lot of different things, but one of Mommy's
favorites was painting our tree!

Someone painted a vine!  Whoops!

Colors, colors, colors.
(Mommy painted the yellow.)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sidekick Saturday

This morning Mommy went to a small fun race!  Oliver stayed with Grammie while Mommy ran!  Afterwards we picked up a friend and brought her along with us, she was our sidekick for the day!  We like that word and we like her!  

We had a great Saturday!

Walking to the coffee shop.  

Mommy felt like taking pictures at the Coffee Shop:

At the library:

Notice anything missing?

Oliver did right away!  The rock fountain!  Oh no!

He wanted Mommy to ask where it went.  We are 
always curious about things like that.  So Mommy asked
at the information desk.  Oliver wanted to take a picture!
There is our little independent sidekick in the pink!

*They removed the structure because it never worked and
children were getting hurt on it because they liked to climb it!*

We headed to open gym at the Y by our home:

Sidekick and Mommy watched the girl team do flips
and other crazy things on the mat!



At bed time we read this fun book!  Mommy picked it out
at the library!  (It intrigues her.)  

Happy Saturday!