Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday involved food, but not donuts.  We forgot with all the baseball excitement.  The food it did involve was food collected by our pack to donate to Interfaith services--they have a soup kitchen.  We dropped off the donations for our pack today.  They were very grateful.

We also fed our kitty.

He discovered sleeping in the window today and fogging
up the window with his breath.

This is the only picture Mommy took of
Oliver....putting his clothes away.  She'll
have to remember to take cute pictures of Oliver that we've got a cute kitten around!

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see Oliver on Sunday afternoon. 

Cubs vs. Padres

We've had tickets to the Cubs vs. Padres for about two months now.  We were excited to go this evening!  We just missed Theodore.  Maggie came over a couple times today to give him love.  We are grateful for good neighbors and good BASEBALL!

We took the trolley to test out what it
was like!


We left from Qualcomm.  Whatever are they
going to do with that stadium now that the Chargers
are gone?

Looks like a good restaurant!

The game!

The helicopter was hovering.  It was scary.

This picture made it onto the screen because Mommy
put a hashtag on it for social media!

Padres win!

We had a nice time together.  

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

We had another humble experience this Memorial Day at the cemetery.  Oliver missed the flag placement on Saturday, but he fixed some fallen down flags and walked around looking for graves that were missed.  He found a few and was back in time to listen to the favorite parts of the ceremony.  It was a good day.

After we went to visit one of Mommy's old students and
pick up a kitten!

First school Mommy worked out-- with Theodore.

We're all cozy in Mommy's bed.  No one can sleep alone the first night!

Graduation Trip

Mommy swore she'd put pictures of her graduation and some of our road trip to San Jose on the blog.  She finally did!  Enjoy!