Monday, May 22, 2017

Magical Monday

This evening was magical.  No baseball, no where to be, it was wonderful.  We stopped at our favorite place to get fuel and then HOME!

We got to see Hazel who has been gone for awhile and
we haven't been going much, so it was very nice to see her.

Drinking water....he was playing HARD
at the club!

Then he worked hard trying to dig a
hole for our new flowering vine plant.
We still are figuring it out.  He tried
3 places and then we decided to wait.

We are getting a lot of eggs now!

It was a magical evening.

Oliver is off with his Daddy tomorrow.  Mommy has an important teacher's union rally to go to at the board meeting before and during....she doesn't know when she'd for sure be able to get Oliver.  She'll see him on Thursday for our trip up north to San Jose for Mommy's graduation!  It will be the first time Mommy has walked in a college graduation.  Yay!!!  She hopes its a little magical.  

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