Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 2011 Picture Timeline

We had a really great year!  (We sure learned a lot.)  Mommy looks forward to planning and going on many more adventures with Oliver in 2012.  

Happy New Year!




(Still trying to get that perfect picture together.)








Ending our picture timeline with some smiles and laughter.  
(That is what Mommy likes to do most of all.)  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Since Peterson's Donut Shop is closed this week we went on an adventure to Vons, our local grocery store.  We had fun picking out breakfast, coffee, and milk.  We love adventures!

Going into Vons.

Looking at the donuts.

He chose a bagel instead!

Choosing our seats.

Oliver's everything bagel.
Mommy's cottage cheese.
Mommy's decaf Americano.  She likes it really dark
with just a splash of cream and some cinnamon.
(Perfect combination.)

Yummy bagel eater.

Mommy's hands were full again, but Oliver didn't
want to open the door.  He said the handle was
too cold.  Oh well.  (Mommy still likes gentlemen.) 

Oliver is off with his Daddy early this evening.   Mommy won't see Oliver until next Monday, a new year!  She is already missing her little man.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tired Tuesday

Oliver had a great day at preschool!  After school we came straight home and got ready for bed.  We were tired today!  Grammie and Grandpa came over for a short visit.  Grammie wanted to see our Christmas decorations before Mommy takes them down.  Mommy kind of does it fast, must be the Hallmark in her.  (Valentine's Day is next!  Yay!)  

We had fun with Grammie and Grandpa but we were so sleepy.  Happy Tuesday!

Oliver wanted Mommy to take a picture of him in the
class box.  Cute!

Our window looked pretty tonight...

...all of our snowglobes look pretty.

Playing with his gumball machine.  He ran out
of quarters.  He is trying to get Mommy to let
him open the top.  Nope.  

Watching Grammie and Grandpa come up our walk way.

Showing Grammie and Grandpa everything. 
Can you tell Mommy was too tired to get up?

Looking at our animal tree.

We have already had a lot of really good 
discussions about his gumball machine.

Showing off his fan.


Grammie checking out Mommy's new unique
Christmas decoration.  An Ice Skate.  

We tried to take a picture by our tree.  Oliver wouldn't sit
in Mommy's lap.  He said he was too tired.

We tried.  At least we laughed a lot while sitting in 
our favorite place.  (Mommy likes our parking space.)  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Get Together

This afternoon Oliver and Mommy went to a get together at Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad's!  We had a nice time visiting with family!  Oliver and Mommy had a nice together Monday.

Waylon.  Love him.

Rachel likes Chelsea!

Aunt Jess always sets up yums.

Mommy and Rachel have been working on
taking pictures together.  She helped Mommy
with the food pictures.  She presses the button.
It kind of scares Uncle Kelly.
(Uncle Kelly calls Mommy's picture taking "witchcraft."
Mommy kind of likes that....)  Uncle Chad
is a little spooky in this picture.

Good Job Rachel!


Uncle Chad.  (Mommy likes both of those weirdos.)

Rachel getting cozy with Oliver.  Oliver not liking
it so much.


Gingerbread houses!


Yums again!

Making a yummy home!


Uncle Chad bringing in Waylon because
he woke up.  None of the girls were around
when he woke up....

Cute little elf.

Yum again.

Yum, marshmallows.


Waylon sleeping on Diane.

Busy girl.

Comfy cozy!

Mommy's home.


Aunt Jess finishing Grammie's home.  

They made it nice and neat.


We tried to get a nice picture.....

So, anyways......

(Remember this sign?)
And this one?   

Well, Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad are 
going to be adding a name to that sign
in June sometime!  Yippee!!!

Mommy already gave Aunt Jess a copy 
of this card. (Finally, Mommy has a really good reason
 to show you her favorite Masha D'yans painting.)