Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday- Indiana

We had a fun day.  We woke up to a crazy thunderstorm and lightening.  Oliver was so excited to wake up in the cottage.  He woke up wide-eyed, jumped out of bed and started to investigate right away.  It is super cute—he loves our old cottage (Mommy will post some nice cottage photos later!), all the old things in it, and he loves going to all the playgrounds in the Park!  Aunt Jess and Mommy had fun roaming around with him in the morning.

We had fun shopping in Lafayette for a bbq we are having with family on Saturday.  Oliver and Rachel loved being silly together.  In the evening Grandpa and Oliver played at a playground, while Mommy took a break and ran on a quiet country road past a lot of corn and an old cemetery (kind of fun!).   We had a great day!

"The Stand"

It is run by the Tri Kappa organization.

Eating breakfast.

Grammie got homemade strawberry- rhubarb pie.

The pie cabinet.  Grammie's favorite!

The menu.

The other side.  Yum.

Oliver playing while we were at the stand.

On the merry-go-round.

Talking into the fan.  There are so many ways
to entertain yourself at park.

Aunt and Nephew.  Cuteness.  

The Hotel.

The side porch.

The inside.  Oliver took is shoes off when we went in,
Mommy has taught him to take his shoes off when we
go into homes.  It was kind of funny.

The hallway of the hotel.

We went to see what was going on in the art building.

Sweet sign.


More sweetness.

Mommy and Oliver.

"Candy Stand"  Not open opens after lunchtime.

Lafayette- Arnie's our favorite pizza place!


Our favorite salad!

The pizza is so so yum! 

Mommy and Aunt Jess in front of a fun sign!

Cars were starting to park outside of Arnie's for a car show.
(Oliver didn’t want to pose again…it reminds Mommy of the quote she likes from
 Randy Paush, “…his life will be his life.”  He will come 
around, she thinks she kind of knows how he is…)  
We will get a good picture someday, but for now a lot of ours are silly.

At Sam's Club.

Aunt Jill and Grammie.

Oliver Winery Wine  (Mommy likes the soft red wine, it tastes like juice.
Mommy wanted a picture with it, but Aunt Jess wouldn't take one.
Wonder why?)

At Wal-Mart.  Guess where Oliver got that green
monster?  Mommy won it for him at a claw machine!
Mommy tried to win one for Ra Ra but she couldn't get another.

Peeking out the back window at Aunt Jess and Aunt Ali.

Happy Indiana!  We are having fun!

Thursday- Traveling to Indiana

So I wrote Friday’s blog first and it took forever to download all the pictures.  So, Mommy is just putting up one picture for now.  (She is holding this space, for more fun.)  She will post more pictures later!  

We had a long day of traveling.  We are finally here at our cottage at Fountain Park Chautauqua in Remington, Indiana.

Buds on the shuttle bus.


Rachel ready to fly.

Looking over San Diego.

Rachel sleeping on Grammie.


Oliver and Rachel!

 We had to get some popcorn.. (Of course.)

We get it in the Chicago airport.

We ate dinner at a pizza house near Grammie's
childhood home.

Oliver didn't want to sit with everyone else.  Mommy
finally talked him into it.  She didn't want to be isolated.


He ate a ton of pizza.


They had some pretty pansies outside.  (Love the purple + white combo.)

Mommy had Oliver get some exercise before
everyone came out of the pizza house.

Rocking at the cottage.  We made it.

Oliver excited, Mommy exhausted. 

Oliver sleeping in the car after Grandpa picked us
up at the Chicago airport.  Oliver definitely needed a nap!
We are so excited for a nice little vacation!