Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mommy's Home

Mommy's Red Front Door
Mommy's Beautiful Green Kitchen- Mommy loves
green on her walls it is very calming. She can't wait to
start cooking and baking...
Mommy's Bedroom Windows- They look out into the backyard

Oliver's Bedroom- He has a deck off his room-
He loves it!
Lovely Window looking out towards the front of the home
This is the main part of the home- love
the mirrors-
One of my neighbors
(I can already hear some of my readers giggling.)
Lavender at the front of the home...Mommy and Oliver
need to water it.

Mailboxes for the homes on our little street

Mommy and Oliver had a big day. In the late afternoon we got the keys to Mommy's new home. Mommy was very happy and Oliver loved racing around the empty home like a race car. Aunt Jess came by later to help out a bit and to enjoy the beauty of Mommy's 60 year old home. Mommy is in love with her new home and can't wait to share more of it with everyone.