Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday!  Yippee!  Yesterday we passed the donut shop and saw the green fences.  We wondered if they started their digging.  So, this morning we got dressed and took off in our adventure Subaru to do some investigating.  

Happy Wednesday!

The green fence.

A peek.  (The window/mirror is still there.)

Oliver peeking.

Walking the donut window.


Peeking again while Mommy was in line.

They are putting in more tables and a place for
the grease.  Yum!

Oliver's donut. 

We had to eat in the car.

Mommy's donut holes.  The crumb ones 
are the best!

Oliver is off with his Daddy until Monday.  Mommy misses him already.  (It is so quiet in our home when he isn't here.)  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Oliver had an awesome day at preschool!  He had a bunch of his Fall artwork in his cubby today.  Mommy took pictures to share with you!

Oliver excited about the snowman
he made today!

Showing Mommy a necklace he made!

Turkey dinner on a paper plate.

Head thing.

Hoot hoot

Yum!  (Popcorn.  Mommy's favorite!) 

Oliver is getting better at tracing his letters.
He is very sensitive about his writing.
(He must get that from Mommy.)


Gobble gobble.

Wheatgrass Tuesday.  (Yum.)

(Yummy, always.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Today we started putting up some Christmas decorations with our daycare friends.  Oliver only broke a few of Mommy's precious Hallmark ornaments.  Now Mommy kind of has a headache.  We still had fun figuring out where everything goes.

Happy Holiday Decorating!

Oliver and our friend's hot cocoa mugs!

They each got a peppermint patty.

Felt ornaments made by Mommy's great grandma and grandma.

There was a bunny in the collection!  Yippee!

Our tree topper.  

Watching Care Bears.  Oliver has been rubbing his eyes
since noon....

(Base Camp.)

More decorations.  

Our Stockings.  

Snowman entry way.

Our dancing and singing snowman.  

The Peanuts Gang!

Playing with a mailbox.  (Mommy
likes getting things in the mail.)

Grouping our Hallmark ornaments.  

Mommy displayed her reading ornaments on the bookshelf.
She has to think about where to put the other groups.
(Especially the Harry Potter ones...)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


We had a full fun Sunday!  Oliver hung out with Grandpa in the morning for a little bit.  He loves eating the breakfast that Grandpa makes!  Lucky boy!  Afterwards we went for a short hike at the Batiquitos Lagoon and then came home to play, rest, and play in the garden!  

Happy Sunday!

Oliver and Santa at Grammie and Grandpa's house!

Grandpa was decorating!  Oliver loved the
garland.  Mommy likes what will go up next!
Grammie's Maxine decorations!

The "gagoon."

Figuring out how to go down the steep 
hill without slipping on our bottoms....

Mommy just took her shoes off.  (Not really a trailblazer,
just having fun...and trying to get to our destination!) 

Oliver made it!


Playing on Eucalyptus tree stumps!


The Nature center was open!


Racoon skull!

Hummingbirds.  Their nests are so cute.


Oliver whined about crossing over the mud.

We put our Christmas stuff in the family room!
We started to get the tree ready!  We are
going to make it an animal tree again!

Mommy will need to figure out where to display
all of her Hallmark ornaments!  Mommy worked
there for a long time...

Our animal ornaments.  We want to get a bunny for
our tree this year!

Here is Mommy's favorite ornament!