Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sick Wednesday

Oliver was in a deep, snoring sleep when Mommy tried to wake him up this morning.  He woke with a sore throat and a little stuffiness.  He doesn't get sick much and this morning he just didn't feel good.  Mommy was able to put in for a substitute teacher, hopefully someone picked it up and another teacher helped get her plans on her desk!  So, we just had an easy morning at home.  

We spent a little time outside getting fresh air too:

And getting the rest of our pumpkins, sunflowers,
and squash in the ground.

And hawk bird watching.

We also went and got drinks at Major Market:

We learned a little bit about history too.

Sweet face.  He'll be fine.  Super fine.  
He is off with his Daddy now and Mommy will see him 
Friday for a nice together weekend.
(Sweet dreams.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Oliver was busy creating today.

Before school.

At night.  

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Monday, September 28, 2015

1, 2, 3...

One, two, three, thats how many boys Mommy took to tonights Pack show!  Noah, Mattias, and Oliver.  Mattias was just coming to check out what Cub Scouts is all about, he "really" wants to join!  He would be in an older den, but they think it would be cool!  


Noah receiving scout of the month!

Pack show movie!

Oliver got to stand on stage and show this ticket!
Mommy got to stand on stage and shadow the kernel.
(She'll need to figure out how to speak louder and
into the microphone next year.  NOT her favorite 
think in the whole entire world. Seriously.)  Oh well.

Remember the Scout that told Mommy 
he would be able to drive in 6 years?  
Well, this is his brother!  They are
sweet boys!

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Selling Popcorn

Mommy picked up Oliver in the afternoon today.  Oliver spent a couple hours selling popcorn and we met some really nice neighbors.  He is at about $1,400!  
He also brought a poster home for the Wild Kratts
Live show he went to yesterday!  

So cool!

We figured out where one of the 100
Mystery Houses in the county was...
right down our street in the
Westwind Trailer Park!

We went 3 times, there were 8 homes
on the street.  The 3rd time a nice
lady called us to come back down
because her neighbors were home and
they were the Mystery!  She was excited too!

The clue was..."______, Bahama come on pretty Mama!"

It pays to be persistent and patient!

The Mystery homeowner is the camp director for
the Boy Scout summer camp!

We watched the eclipse on the way home.

So much fun!  
(Now, Mommy needs to catch up on a paper due
 tomorrow, it was totally worth it, she loves
solving clues!)  

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Donut Wednesday

We had a quick, funny Donut Wednesday this morning. 


Oliver took the camera:

He takes weird pictures of Mommy sometimes.

Mommy took the camera back:

Oliver's masterpiece.

(Mommy's tea.)

Goodbye sweet Oliver who was going to wash 
off his milk mustache.

Oliver is off with his Daddy,  He is going to sell popcorn tomorrow night at the W. Valley Blvd. Albertsons tomorrow night if you want to go support Den 7!  He is also going to see WILD KRATTS LIVE with Chris and Martin on Saturday!  Oliver is probably on cloud 9 right now!  Mommy can't wait to see him on Sunday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Den 7 Meeting

We had a busy evening.  Oliver did homework, talked to friends who came by, 3 of them, and went to a den meeting!  

Two friends talking and thinking Mommy is weird 
for taking a picture out the window.  (Wondering how much 
longer can she follow this particular blog format?)

Jayden made a mess with cat tail
seed pods.  Mommy closed the window so everything
wouldn't blow inside!

Going to the Ginder's home for Den 7's meeting!

3 new scouts joined our Den!  Oliver was super
excited about one 2nd grader who goes to his school!
The new scout wore his yellow pack shirt to school!

Learning about fire.

They used fire to make s'mores!

Jennifer and Paige serving pizza!  Mommy had to 
leave for a MLIS group meeting.  Sweet Jennifer
helped Mommy again and brought Oliver home.

Hungry Scouts!

Eric getting the fire ready!  So neat for the boys!

Mommy's other workstation.  She'll get it down.  
Everything else will be messy and rushed, but
she'll get this done.  

Goodnight and sweet dreams.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cub Scout Roundup

Another busy Monday night!  We helped support our Pack by attending the Roundup where new Scouts are trying to be roundup!  Wish we could have done this last year, but glad we are deeply immersed in it now!

Not a lot of prospective scouts.  Hopefully more
join through other flyers and activities!  Our pack
has gone from 100 scouts to 50 in the past 2 years.

The scouts who were there played with the new
scouts!  And they got LOUD!

Good information was given out in the cafeteria
at the middle school while the boys played!

Pinewood Derby cars luring kids in!

Cute Scout.  He told me he had only 6 more years
until he gets to drive!  He has a brother too who 
is super nice!

After Oliver and Noah ate dinner together.  Mommy
saw another Popcorn Kernel of a Boy Scout Troop
so she got some networking in.  It was fun hanging
out with Noah's mom too!  
Scouts is a good thing.

This blurry picture is a good thing too.
Its Mommy's MLIS laptop station.  Sitting
there ready for her to turn in her paper
by midnight.  She got it in.  2 more to
edit and turn in by Wednesday.  She's
got this.  (Thats Smokey the Bear just watching.
Doing nothing to help.  Good thing?)

Goodnight and sweet dreams.