Monday, September 21, 2015

Cub Scout Roundup

Another busy Monday night!  We helped support our Pack by attending the Roundup where new Scouts are trying to be roundup!  Wish we could have done this last year, but glad we are deeply immersed in it now!

Not a lot of prospective scouts.  Hopefully more
join through other flyers and activities!  Our pack
has gone from 100 scouts to 50 in the past 2 years.

The scouts who were there played with the new
scouts!  And they got LOUD!

Good information was given out in the cafeteria
at the middle school while the boys played!

Pinewood Derby cars luring kids in!

Cute Scout.  He told me he had only 6 more years
until he gets to drive!  He has a brother too who 
is super nice!

After Oliver and Noah ate dinner together.  Mommy
saw another Popcorn Kernel of a Boy Scout Troop
so she got some networking in.  It was fun hanging
out with Noah's mom too!  
Scouts is a good thing.

This blurry picture is a good thing too.
Its Mommy's MLIS laptop station.  Sitting
there ready for her to turn in her paper
by midnight.  She got it in.  2 more to
edit and turn in by Wednesday.  She's
got this.  (Thats Smokey the Bear just watching.
Doing nothing to help.  Good thing?)

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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