Monday, September 14, 2015

Meeting Monday

We had some meetings today.  (Mommy is getting tired of meetings.)  But, we had fun and are getting a lot done.

Check out Oliver's health quiz!  He did a 
great job studying last week!  

We had meeting homework time.  Mommy let this little
person inside, he has been banned for a week, he 
read nicely while Oliver finished his spelling homework.
Mommy thinks he will start being more respectful.

Homework meeting.

Meeting over spelling.  

Den Leader meeting.  Mommy has to be there for
the Popcorn Kernel portion, then she can leave.  This
time it was shorter.  She also talked Noah's mom 
into taking one of the open committee positions!  She
did!  We'll help her with Noah on those nights!

We took him back home and they had a meeting over 
Oliver's weird stash of stuff in a Home Depot bucket.
They also both did their homework reading.  
(Now Mommy has to have a meeting with her 
laptop and try to plan on some paper writing for
tomorrow night! She'll get it done....)  

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