Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Donut Wednesday

We had to adapt today.  It was too late to go to Peterson's, with their unpredictable line wait time.  So, we went to our favorite neighborhood market.  Mommy didn't get many pictures.  She was trying to teach Oliver how to be adaptable.  He was very upset about a change in his daily school schedule.  He was crying and just a little bit tough this morning.  Mommy heard from his Daddy this afternoon that Oliver is better now because Brody is involved in the change.  Oliver is taking school very seriously and Mommy is proud of him.  (But, boy she was already exhausted by 7:45 this morning.)  Oh well.

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Oliver had a successful teeth cleaning and check-up this afternoon.  Mommy will see him on Sunday afternoon.  She misses him and hopes he continues to adapt better to the changes.  

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