Saturday, September 5, 2015


We breathed a lot of air today.  

First at Get Air for Brody's birthday party:
Here are a bunch of random pictures, not in order!  Enjoy!

Can you tell where the blue tongues came from?

Sharing some air...

We breathed in some fresh paint air....when
we picked up Grammie, Aunt Ali's, Aunt Jess's
and Mommy's art from our girls night out at 
a clay place:

Fun place in San Elijio Hills!

We breathed in some yummy little
kindergartner hugs when we dropped
off the artwork.

Oliver breathed in air full of freedom....while 
Mommy breathed in gulps of air as she frantically
tried to get her 3 MLIS Courses in order and get 
some writing done.
Thank goodness for clean windows that inspire us!

(Goodnight and sweet, airy dreams.)

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