Saturday, September 12, 2015

Grape Day Parade

Mommy got to watch Oliver walk in the Grape Day Parade this morning with Cub Scout Pack 659!  She was already there for the Grape Day 5k!

This race is always fun!  It was really hot this morning though!

Mommy did some sleuthing for the Pack.  She thought
it might be neat to have Cub Scouts ride in this
at Crusin' Grand to promote our pack.  They are
trying to get more kids to join!  Mommy finally had
the opportunity to ask the owner if he'd be willing
to help the Pack!  He said, Sure!  Mommy will
keep you updated!   The boys are excited!

A few grapes!

Oliver shared Scout with everyone!  Scout shared
her yucky slobber with everyone!

The Scouts waited patiently for the parade to start.

These two got to see someone very, very special!

Oliver's future high school!

Grammie used to be a majorette!  

Fun, fun, fun!

Ton of fun!

Can you spy Oliver's cute head!?

(Mommy is proud of her Scout!)

Mommy will see Oliver tomorrow in the late afternoon....after her Chargers game!  She gets to go on the field for the pre-game festivities.  Mommy is just kind of maybe looking forward to it!

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