Monday, February 29, 2016

Lake Run

We went for a nice run/bike ride at the lake today.

Oliver played in the creek first.

Mommy waited. (It felt like forever.)

We brought the camera just in case we saw
interesting things.

Playing in the oak tree.

He found some weird thing in the creek.

He taught Mommy about the white stuff on
prickly pear cactus...

It is like a dye if you rub the white stuff in your hand.

It was a nice Leap Day.  We like having an extra day in the year!

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Oliver came home this afternoon and we worked on transistioning back to being together.  We saw each other last night, but still.  He hasn't been feeling well, so Mommy tried to help him get back on track.

We also helped our garden make the transistion from winter to spring.  Hopefully the seeds we planted sprout.  

Oliver trying to fix our yellow birdhouse.

He will need a hammer and nails to fix thiss...

We will need a few things to freshen up
the kitchen garden.

Now, Mommy needs to transistion to sleep like Oliver already has before the computer falls off her lap.  (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice quiet, good mood Donut Wednesday.

Oliver is off with his Daddy and Scout.  Mommy will see her reader on Saturday evening for a birthday get together.  She misses him a lot already.  (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Oliver woke up and was in the best mood this morning.  It was so nice.  After school he was sort of in a sour mood, Mommy thinks he was bummed about something that happened at school.  Mommy tried to make him laugh.  It worked most of the time.  We spent the evening resting, reading, and doing homework.

He was finished with his homework before Mommy.

Reading his 20 minutes of Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Below is an email Mommy is going to print out
and keep forever.  She finally saw it at 10:00ish last night (so
no, she did not go to sleep by 10:00) but she went to 
sleep very proud and grateful.  Read it, it is from 
Oliver's teacher:   

Hi Meredith,

I just wanted to share with you how I've noticed how much Oliver's reading has been improving lately! I moved him up to a higher reading group a couple of weeks ago. Last week I had him take the STAR Reading test (a computerized test) and he has improved over two grade levels since August! WOW!!!  He also scored 3 100%s in a row on his recent AR quizzes, so he's now reading AR books that are level 3.0-3.9!! Go Oliver!! I'm very proud of him. I told him today that I was going to email you. He just grinned. 

Also, glad he brought in the trophy from Cub Scouts! The kids were very interested in that. YAY Mom! (I KNOW selling is 95% Mom's job!) 

Love your boy. He's awesome.


Monday, February 22, 2016


We had appointments today.

Oliver had an appointment with his trophy before school.

Mommy had an appointment with her homework
while Oliver had an appointment.

Appointment with this love bug.

Love bug.

Love butterfly.

Someone taking good care of their bear.

Mommy had an appointment with her camera
to capture these 3 playing, doing homework, and
watching cartoons.

Mommy has an appointment with her brain now.  Sleep before 10:00.  (Will she make it?)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mellow and the Blue and Gold

We carried on with our kind of mellow weekend today.

Playing the flute at Grammie's...

to get this kitten's attention.  It worked until Mommy
came outside.

Reading Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Oliver and Mommy both noticed our vibrant 
lavender.  He hasn't picked any for Mommy yet.
(Hopefully he remembers that she likes lavender.)

Need sleep, so no turning the picture.  But, Mommy
planted some extra annuals along the fence because
a lot of alyssum came back!

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner to celebrate
106 years of scouting and our pack.

Den Leader Eric and scouts having
an important conversation.

Carnival Games!

Moms who do a lot for the pack.  We have met
so many nice, down to earth families in our 
Escondido Pack.  

Scouts of the Year.  CJ and Noah are up there 
from Den 7!

Dinner.  Yum.  

Looking at the program....

Look what he found!

New Patch, since Mommy is making an annual
donation.  Scouting is worth it.

Oliver loves when his Daddy can be involved with
his scouting efforts.  

Goofball Cubmasters.

 Popcorn Awards

Yay Oliver!  Mommy has more cute pictures on
her phone, she'll put them here later!

Mommy receiving the popcorn kernel folder.  She 
just needs to figure out the speaking in a microphone
part.  She has a plan.  

Mommy is proud of his enthusiasm and dedication
to achieving a goal we set together.


Best part of the night, running around playing
like crazy!