Sunday, February 7, 2016


We had a nice Sunday at home.  Oliver is creative at what he does with his time while Mommy works on homework.  

Adding up the dart board game they were playing.

Still trying to figure out furniture in this room.
(Built in bookshelves are on Mommy's list.)

Ping Pong.  Exactly how Santa and Mommy envisioned
this room being used!

Valentine's Day is almost here.  Oliver has to write
a 7 word sentence on each card.  It is a lot of work.
We had to finish it today.  There was only a few 
high pitched whines about it.

He wrote the same sentence.  We are not lazy,
just very, very, busy.

Honestly, the required 7 word sentence takes the 
fun out at Valentines.  25 sentences is exhausting
and just created drama.  Oh well.

Bike Ride:

Quiet ride, because everyone was inside
watching the Super Bowl!

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school tomorrow.  Mommy has her early once a month staff meeting the next day.  Mommy hopes Oliver gets lots of his homework done so we can have fun at his Scout meeting on Tuesday night!

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