Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Mommy has some strong values, she tries to teach Oliver these values.  

Mommy values reading and all the doors it can open
in your life.

Mommy values the feeling she had last night when
she gave Oliver the Alvin and the Chipmunk novel
in her bedroom.  He went straight into her bathroom
and started reading.  


Mommy values money, but in particular her good
job where she earns money, the opportunities it has brought
 her, and the ability it has given her to support herself and Oliver.  

Something else she values is honesty.  This $50
bill was given to Oliver by his friend at the Boys 
and Girls Club today.  The boy told Oliver yesterday that
he would give Oliver $50 if Oliver brought him 3 pieces of
taffy the next day.  Oliver and Mommy thought it was funny, 
but it wouldn't happen.  Mommy packed him 3 pieces to share with
his friend anyway.  His friend stayed true to his word and gave Oliver that
$50 bill.  Uh-oh.

Mommy knows that Oliver knows those taffies are
not valued at $50.  But his friend didn't know that.
We talked about it and how we had to be honest
and give it back.  Mommy called the boys mom and let 
her know.  She was so shocked and realized she needs 
to teach her son about money.  Valuing education is
a good idea.  (Honesty is a good thing too.)

Mommy values time management.  It helps us get 
our homework done on Tuesday nights.

We value adaptability and comfort too, especially
while getting our homework done.

Creativity, Goals, and Laughter:
Mommy values all three of those things.  Oliver
created that spear thing, his goal is to sell it to someone
for $6.99-that's a price tag nailed to his wall.  This whole
operation made Mommy laugh!

Goodnight, sweet dreams, and what do you value!?

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