Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 We've been anticipating the closure of the library we like to visit for some time now.  Its probably a little more dramatic for Mommy, oh well.  We visited today because we didn't have school and we LOVE the library!
It will reopen after a week, but only the children's 
section and it will have all the circulation tasks
completed in there.  There will be no where to study
for Mommy.

Everything will be in there.  It will even have
a different entrance.


Mommy likes to go upstairs and study 
in the little nooks.

She gets distracted easily at home.

Its pretty amazing that a 17 year old
library is getting modernized....

It has been interesting to watch the process
for Mommy's studies.

But, she is going to miss studying here for
the next couple of months.  Tears.

He is going to miss the used book store.  He noticed
these books were priced differently.

Guess which one he bought?!  So, glad he notices 
stuff like that.

We spent the rest of the day at home.  Mommy wishes
she could get some seeds started to replace what
she has been harvesting.  But she just can't right now.
(A little help would be nice.  Seeds and soil in little
containers, easy.)

Oliver was woking on his archery.

He was proud of this hit!

He wanted his haircut.  Mommy wanted him to 
have one too!


School tomorrow for Oliver!  Not, for Mommy- she'll be soaking up the last few days at the library before it closes.  

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