Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy February!  This is Mommy's favorite month of the year!  She wanted to share our calendars with you!

She got a new one, she'll show you a few entries of
our daily Downton Abbey calendar: 

This part of season 5 made Mommy cry happily.  

Mommy wonders if Grammie every felt like
Cora did about raising daughters.  

Mommy likes the history lessons!

She fixed up this calendar since the top
part is white.   Mae West quote.  

Masha D'yans.  (Mommy came up with the title,
"Alone, cold, and ready for love.")

School breakfast and lunch calendars.  Oliver
likes to know ahead of time and be prepared with
something from home if he doesn't like what is 
being served that day.

Happy February! 

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