Sunday, January 31, 2016


Oliver is home and we love rainy days.  Just not leaky roofs.  For some reason Mommy's intuition was telling her that the roof would probably leak again (Mommy still likes to follow her intuition).  Sure enough she saw two drops of water glisten and fall towards our rocking chair in the Bernadette room, five minutes before she needed to pick up Oliver.  We came straight home to cover up the skylight.  The skylight is the problem.

This is from below, but Mommy worked on the roof 
for a bit.  For some reason it wipes her out!  Oliver
helped with passing up bricks for the tarps.  He worked
on his ponds in the rain.  We got so wet!

Mommy saw this pretty flower growing on the vines
along our side fence while she was on the roof. 
Tons of gardening ideas popped into her head
while she was up there.  School first though.  

This kid has so many projects and interests.  He was
trying to hot glue the bags for a pond liner.  Mommy told
him that probably wouldn't be the best idea.  

He brought home his research project on Ireland and
his ancestors.  He got a good grade!  Mommy is
proud of the scholar Oliver is becoming.  

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