Sunday, January 3, 2016


Mommy picked up Oliver this afternoon and she made a sad face as she pulled up the driveway to his Daddy's house.

This mountain lion was in the back of 
his warden truck.  

The lion was on a road near Ramona and very injured....(sigh). 
Sad to see, but important to document.  It is 
not often people get to see these elusive cats.  

We went to see Mommy's cousin Chris and his family.  Mommy took a picture of each little persons face with her phone.  (Her camera is in transit to the Wal-Mart warranty center.)

Special Faces:

Happy face.  Shane.

Adorable face.  Caden.

Playful face.  Oliver.

Driving face.  Waylon.

Enthusiastic face.  Rachel.

Briel, she wouldn't look at the camera...

Sweet face.  Briel.

Busy face.  Claire.

Mommy is glad that Oliver's face is home.

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