Sunday, January 10, 2016

Normal Goodness

We had one of our normal weekend days filled with tons of goodness.

Crawdad Fishing:

Lots of mud.

Lots of tree cutting and clearing was done since
the last time we came.


Reading and stretching for fun!


Mommy got dinosaur excavation kits for Noah
and Oliver.

The little archeologists had a lot of fun!

They got the dinosaur bones, but still need to figure
out how to put them together.  That part was not as easy!


Mommy caught up on a bunch of things.
One of them was making sure Oliver's report was
in order.  It was due Thursday, but remember the
power was out for 2 days!  His report was ready!
So is his Irish ancestor doll!

He interviewed Grandpa!

And wrote all about himself!

Playdate continued:

More kids! 

Mess!  They did a good job cleaning up.

Plating Jurassic World.

Yay!  Fooseball!

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school tomorrow, Mommy has her early staff meeting on Tuesday.  Mommy will see Oliver on Tuesday after school.  (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)  

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