Sunday, January 24, 2016

National Pie Day

We celebrated National Pie Day a day late.  With Grammie, of course!

We went to Betty's Pie Whole Saloon by the nursery.

Eat Yer Greens Savory Pie.

Breakfast pie.

Inside Mommy's pie.

Oliver's pie all mushed up.

Oliver took some pictures:

Mommy took the camera back:

We ate some sweet pies too.  Apple crumb pie.

Mississippi Mud Pie.
We didn't have leftovers of our sweet pies, but
had some yummy leftovers of our savory pies.

Oliver went outside to try and catch lizards.

The menu in case you're interested.....

Also, Oliver's progress report in case you are interested:

He is doing well!  Mrs. O just wonders why
he doesn't turn in more 20/20 reading homework tickets.
He sure gets his reading done with Mommy..........

Practice, practice, practice.  Also,
teaching Oliver the IMPORTANCE of
education and the VALUE of being
at school EVERY day is very important.


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