Saturday, January 9, 2016

Race and Mystery

We had a wonderful Saturday!

Our first 5k of the year, the Resolution Run:

Long walk from the car.

Totally worth it.  The weather was beautiful.

Mommy's camera passes the test.  It takes good
pictures of signs.

And faces.  She can't wait to properly test it out
on all the cousins.  (She feels like she gipped
Shane a little the first year of his life because
she didn't have a good camera.)

Playing before the race!

Start line!


Oliver had a rough start because he was thirsty.  
Mommy had to remind him to be positive.

It eventually worked and he felt better.  

He went ahead on his own when Mommy ran 
backwards to get him more water.  He actually
made it pretty far without her.  

Mud in some areas because of all the rain!

Go, go, go!



Resting after the race.

He liked this sample.  We get this at home sometimes.
Mommy has a bunch of coupons if anyone wants to
try some!

Results!  Oliver was 1st in his age group!

His face when Mommy told him he was first!

He was very proud!

The announcer called his name!

Oliver knew exactly what to do!

Posing for the cameras!


Yay Oliver!

Run in the winter!


After we jumped for 2 hours as his reward for 
finding a mystery house during popcorn season 
for cub scouts!

He was tired!

But happy to jump with this kid, Grady!

In room 4 there was something special for the boys...

Trekking poles!  

He rock climbed...

Didn't make it all the way to the top, but he tried!

They liked playing jump with Eric too!

Mommy liked jumping with them too!

We came home and set out our medals.  Oliver
is still thinking about his resolution.  Mommy has
been working on hers since Christmas break!  

We have a lot more races together this year.
Now that Oliver is old enough and able
to run with Mommy he will do more races!
Its fun setting new goals for running races!

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