Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to School

Mommy went back to school today, Oliver goes back tomorrow.  Oliver spent the morning with Grammie, Claire, and Shane.  Then he came to Mommy's classroom after lunch recess.  He always asks to meet Mommy's class and they ask to meet him.  Today was his chance!  He was respectful, had fun sharing his tarantula that Mommy's students asked him to bring, and even went out to afternoon recess with some students.  Fun!  (Just a little exhausting for Mommy.)  

Mommy put him to work during Writer's Workshop
with her 3rd graders from another class.  She teaches
word study and writing to all three 3rd grade classes.

We had to stop back by to get some stuff from Grammie.
Sweet Claire gave Mommy the nicest greeting, Oliver
didn't want to talk with Claire.  It makes her sad and confuses
her.  Why does Oliver act like that?  

Oliver had an appointment.  This appointment helps
Mommy figure out questions like the one she just
asked and Mommy gets to rest a little while
Oliver talks and has fun.

Back to normal routine tomorrow!  (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)  

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