Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Donut Wednesday

It was a rainy Donut Wednesday.

The tarps are working nicely.  The rain sounds pretty
when it hits them.  

We got our donuts at Major Market.
Petersons next week!

Waiting for us.


Mommy's tea.  (A little blurry, its how Mommy
saw things today.)  She got dizzy a lot today for some reason.

We are really liking sitting at our table together 
and not being rushed.  This is a good new routine!

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  School is closed for Oliver tomorrow because the power source at his school got wet with all the rain and shut off power.  It couldn't be fixed by 8:00 pm so they had to cancel school.  Oliver is excited and Mommy hopes he stays safe, dry, and is productive tomorrow.  She misses him.  

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