Saturday, January 16, 2016


We had a lot of stuff to do today.

We went to Red Lobster and used a gift card a 
student gave Mommy last year.  


Oliver had his raw.

Mommy had hers steamed.

We didn't eat lobster.  Even with a gift card, sit
down restaurants are a little bit too expensive for us.

Then we went to the Carlsbad half marathon
expo near by to get Mommy's bib number
for tomorrow.  Mommy needs to remember
to bring a bag of shoes tomorrow!  She
has been looking for an organization that
is collecting old shoes.  Yay!

Expo tents.

Oliver won Mommy a free month of classes
to a yoga studio.  The lady seemed a little irritated.  
Mommy may try it out!  

Oliver got a lot of swag.  His favorite stations
were the San Diego Police Dept. and the border
patrol.  They are trying to recruit people.  Oliver
isn't old enough yet....

Happy with his swag.

He was FULL of stories today!

Mommy is not looking forward to the lines at these 
tomorrow.  Her goal for the half is TO RUN HAPPY!
She has to say it here because maybe it will
cement in her head and she won't push herself
to hard.  Her dizziness finally drifted away earlier
this week, so she wants to be careful, just in case!  

On the way home we went to the Indian Store, Oliver
used his gift certificate from Christmas.

He looked at stuff forever.  

We needed to stop at Target too for some sunglasses 
other stuff.  These are very appropriate for Oliver.

Oliver is off with his Daddy again.  Mommy will see him tomorrow at 2:00.  (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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