Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oliver had a wonderful day at preschool.  His teachers gave him a special crown to celebrate his birthday early!  He loves it and wore it at school and then at home!  He was excited to see Grandpa who is home for a little bit!  Grandpa helped Mommy- he took her Subaru to get new brake pads and rotors- whatever those are.  All Mommy knows is that she is thankful for his help and happy to have new brakes.  (Mommy likes nice healthy brakes that don't squeak and cause problems.)  We tested our car out by going for a little drive after bath time.  We came home to read a little and now Oliver is resting.  

Happy Thursday!

Wearing his crown.


Oliver was waiting outside for Grandpa to
come home with our Subaru.  Mommy knew
the car was going to need new brakes when she 
bought it last year.  She is glad that we've finally got them!

Playing with his scooter.

We took Grandpa to the backyard to show
him all of our fun stuff!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Another donut Wednesday.  Oliver had a fun day at school today!  It was purple day at school!  Oliver got to draw a lot of pictures using a purple crayon.  Cuteness.  He already does a lot anyways for Mommy!

Happy Wednesday!

Looking for his donut.

He chose this one.  (Yum, pink.)

Mommy's Donut Hole.

This is what Oliver let Mommy eat of his pink donut.

Eating his donut.

Wheatgrass Wednesday.

Mommy got 3 oz. today instead of 2 oz.  (Yum.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy at Pre-School

Oliver had a very fun day at school!  He got to go to a special presentation about the ocean.  He even made his own little ocean in a bottle.  Later at school he got to make ants on a log for snack and he was very excited about the seat changes and the moving of the furniture.  Oliver has a new afternoon teacher that he adores!  She has been adding a lot of fun activities and things to look forward to, Oliver loves it!  Mommy loves hearing him talk about it!

He was so busy and wound up after school that we had to work on making good choices at home.  Mommy thinks that he is so good at school--that is what his teachers tell her--that when he gets home he just kind of melts.  He threw his trash on the floor, made a mess with his macaroni and cheese, and whined a lot!  (We need to fill our coin jar fast....Mommy needs that chair to sit in.)  Hopefully Oliver starts to calm down a little bit in the evening, maybe turning 4 will help.....

Amanda and Zoe "dropped-in."  Zoe didn't bite anyone,
but Amanda tried to bite Mommy.  She is working on
using her words, she is making good progress.

Precious Zoe.

Amanda gave us Zoe's swing.  
(Mommy thinks swings are a good thing,
especially when they work fast.)
Thanks Amanda and Zoe!  We will get good use 
out of it when we have another newborn!
Oliver loves the swing he put his baby in the swing and
turned it on!  Mommy didn't get any cute pictures of her
Owl today, but she likes this one.

On our way home from preschool we stopped
at the donut shop to order Oliver's birthday cake.
Walking to our front door made Mommy think about
his cake colors....what colors do you think it will be?
(Mommy thinks she has already made it easy for
shouldn't be too hard...)  But here are some more hints....
it is Oliver's golden birthday and he was born on the 4th of July! 
And don't mind the dirty handrail please...Mommy will clean it, eventually.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Doctor

Oliver was awesome at his 4 year old Well Child Check-Up.  When we pulled in to the parking lot he cried because he didn't want to see a doctor.  Mommy told him it was her appointment and that she needed his help.  That usually works.  But then he realized something and he asked, "Is this the funny doctor?"  Yes, it was, so no more whining.  Just a happy cooperative Oliver!  He is growing just fine and is pretty much a healthy almost 4 year old!  Oh, my goodness, almost 4!  (That means Mommy is getting old...definitely not getting any younger...)  Glad he is healthy!

Afterwards Oliver hung out with Grammie, Uncle Matthew, and Haley while Mommy went to a bunch of appointments.  Oliver had fun, but was not always making the best choices.  Grammie let Mommy know that.  We came home after and hung around.  Oliver was playing "animal explorer" in the backyard.  He was using his kaleidoscope as binoculars and his Lightening McQueen car as a Monster truck.  He was riding his Monster Truck and went over the handles and did a face plant into the bricks.  Poor explorer had a fat bloody lip and skinned knee.  Mommy cuddled with him for a bit, then we went for a drive.  Drives always calm him down (Mommy too).  He is feeling better now.  Poor animal explorer.

Walking and whining in the parking lot.

He realized right here that this was the funny doctor.

Checking his height.  


He is 39 inches tall.

He weighs 33 1/2 pounds.
Playing in the examining room. 

Cuteness. (Still so glad we found this guy.)

Oliver couldn't stop cracking up!

He listened to his own heart beat.

He got a wiener dog balloon.


Showing off his balloon.

Sweet Haley.  She got in a fight with Maple last
night.  She has bite marks everywhere and had
to go to the animal hospital.  She got Maple pretty
bad to in the ear, poor Maple.

Oliver's monster truck.  His lip is better, might me a 
bit puffy in the morning.  He is a tough guy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We had a nice day.  We were lazy this morning and went to Grammie's a little later than usual.  Oliver hung out with Grammie while Mommy went to the Y.  Then we came home and just hung out again!  We spent a lot of time in the backyard.  Mommy soaked up some of the sun, while Oliver played monster truck and plum gatherer.  

He took an awesome bath and now he is peacefully sleeping with his baby doll.  We are looking forward to tomorrow.  Mommy is taking a "vacation day" from daycare so we can go to some appointments...Oliver is having his 4 year old check up tomorrow morning, but he doesn't know yet....wish me luck!

Oliver with his "take-er-downer" was getting plums
from our plum trees.

Oliver brought Mommy a plum and set it on her book. 
It's a good book, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.
(Lots of courage and love in this next chapter.)

Oliver was playing with his monster truck over by
the garden beds.  Mommy was too lazy to get up
and take a picture, the sunshine felt so good.

The sky from where Mommy was laying.  So pretty.

Oliver wanted Mommy to take a picture of his
smashed up monster truck!

Oliver is wearing flip-flops!  It is definitely a step
in the right direction.  Hopefully now he will start
wearing shorts, and then t-shirts....

Saturday, June 25, 2011


We had a busy (but kind of boring) Saturday.  We got a lot of stuff done!  Oliver loved hanging out with Grammie in the morning and then we just lounged around home and worked a while in our yard.

Happy almost summer Sunday!

Oliver likes to wait for Mommy in the car...sometimes
he has to wait forever!  Our neighbor, Wendy, talked to
him, while Mommy got the rest of our stuff together.

We went to Peterson's Dount Shop before we left!
The jelly donuts looked pretty today!

Oliver wanted the Oreo crumb donut.

Morning pansies (and of course love those Weekend pansies.)

Oliver's yum donut.

Donut holes for  Grammie and Mommy.

Grammie had a special coupon for this place in Encinitas.
It was good.

Mr. Silly and then....

Mr. Pouty because he was hungry and tired.
He fell fast asleep on the way home.

Oliver's quesadilla. 

Mommy's falafel salad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Full House

We had a a full house today!  Mommy can have 6 children at our daycare- 3 over two and 3 under two years old or she can have 4 babies under two and no toddlers.  Today we had 6 kiddos!  The days Oliver goes to preschool Mommy usually has 4 babies, which usually means nice quiet days.  The 6 kiddos is a lot of fun but makes for a crazy day!

We had a little girl this week that was a "drop-in" she came on Monday and Friday. (Mommy likes drop-ins, you never really know what to expect from them.)  We most likely won't see her again.  Sometimes "drop-ins" have a hard time getting used to being in a new place with new children.  Mommy does her best to make them feel comfortable.  Sometimes they aren't really sure how to express themselves.  Our "drop-in" wasn't sure how to use her words and she decided to bite Oliver, our other 3- year old, and Korey- who was just waiting to be placed in his high chair, poor Korey (Mommy thinks he is a gentle soul).  Craziness.

Oliver is a pretty good sport.  He is used to our occasional "drop-ins" and it seems he kind of knows what to expect.  When he got bit it hurt, he cried, but then he quickly got over it.  Mommy is glad that he doesn't make a big deal about it.  She is happy that it is getting easier to have him with the daycare kids...most days... he is learning to be responsible and make good choices.

Playing with a little feather in the morning.

Made some more popcorn at rest time.

Used up the last of our Cars bags!

Tired Oliver eating his popcorn with our friend.

Watching our gardener cut grass in the backyard.   Cuteness.