Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Yay!  Donut Wednesday!  The last one in October.  We had fun this morning!

Oliver is off with his Daddy now until Tuesday!  Happy Halloween little Ninja Turtle.  Mommy hopes everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!! Spooky hugs!

Looking for his donut.  He actually had to
go potty....


Fresh Yummy donut holes.

Choosing his donut.

He wanted the purple one.

Our donuts behind the screen.

Can you smell them?

Oliver's donut.  He actually wanted the one with sprinkles.

Mommy's Donut Hole.

Mommy's decaf coffee with a splash of pumpkin spice,yums.
(Really good combination.)

Eating Mommy's donut hole.

Kind of upset about his donut....He won't be upset

They are off.....(to Disneyland in a fun car! Bliss!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oliver had an awesome day at preschool!  He is resting up now, getting ready for his routine!

Happy Tuesday!

Oliver said this Florist Shop was a Halloween store!
It has a neat window display!  We will have to visit it someday.

Wheatgrass Tuesday.  (Yums.)

The other view.  (Still yum.)

Oliver is really into this movie!  He likes the rats!

Resting after a long day of play, friends, play,
letters, numbers, songs, and more play!  Lucky Kid!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Black Roses and Pumpkins

Today we had a nice day with our daycare friends.  Oliver loved playing out in the light rain in the morning.  Later in the afternoon he played in the sandbox and worked in the yard for a little bit.  When the babies were napping in the late afternoon he asked Mommy to come see his work...

These are black rose cactus plants.  Mommy
likes them a lot.

The other day Oliver cut one off for Mommy.
Oops.  Mommy was kind of sad.  She asked
Oliver to please not do that again.

So today he replanted it.  Its above the yellow shovel.

He said now it will keep growing.
(He is so thoughtful, I love that little boy.)

Now, pumpkins.

We have been singing the Five Little Pumpkin
song by Raffi.  Oliver is learning it in school and
we used to sing it all the time when we were
driving.  Raffi is the best! So, Mommy decided 
to do a little project.  

Oliver was supposed to color and decorate his
five little pumpkins.  

We worked on it throughout the day.  By the
end of the day he was a bit tired and frustrated.  
But he still likes chanting the song.

The whole pumpkin theme today reminded Mommy
of our pumpkin patch.  A gopher killed it before
all the pumpkins could grow.  (Mommy remembers
she said she was, "So so excited" For her pumpkins to grow.)

They did okay.  Six Little Pumpkins sitting on the
fence a while back....

Oliver got frustrated and didn't finish his pumpkins.
(Mommy is so so excited to finish and clean up this
crazy mess.)  Happy week before Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mermaids and Laziness

We had fun waking up at Aunt Jess and Uncle Chads house!  Aunt Jess and Oliver watched some movies while Mommy went to check out the Y by their house.  Going to new gyms and seeing different Y's is just like discovering new candy stores!  (Mommy is kind of crazy.  Oh well.)  Anyways, they were watching Little Mermaid when Mommy left.  Aunt Jess said Oliver liked it!  He just pretended like he didn't care.

Pretty.  (Mommy likes fairytales.)  

Aunt Jess has seen the Little Mermaid about
a million times.  

Eating toast and watching Ariel.  

Ariel making a splash.


Ariel.  (Better be careful of sharks....)

Aww, cute.  Aunt Jess and Oliver were chalking.

Oliver tried to mess up her hopscotch game.

Oliver drew a net around Aunt Jessica's fish.  He
wanted to catch it.  Cute!

Saying goodbye.  Thanks for playing with us!

We did some errands on the way home and then we were pretty lazy for the rest of the day.  We did a couple of chores of course, but then we were lazy again. Mommy was too lazy to take anymore pictures.  (She is kind of sore from her run too, she still needs her own comfy chair.)  Oliver fell asleep pretty fast tonight.  He had a fun weekend!  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Light the Night Against Crime

We had an awesome day!  Oliver played with Mari in the morning for a little bit, while Mommy went and warmed up at the gym for a 5K race we went to tonight!  Oliver loves Mari, but he is missing Grammie.  Oliver said to say,  "Hi Grammie and Denny!"   We hope you are having fun together! 

We gardened and rested around home until it was time to go have fun at the race!

We went to the Crimestoppers race in Balboa Park with Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad!  While Mommy ran Oliver walked around and trick or treated at all the sponsors booths.  He got to watch Mommy race to the Finish line!  Mommy got a really nice kiss from her Ninja Turtle!  

Airport- Oliver wanted Mommy to take pictures of
planes, it was kind of hard.

Wearing his hat in the car.  Mommy got
to sit in the back with Oliver.  (Its nice
being a passenger.)

Aunt Jess got Oliver all dressed when we 
were there!

Here we go!  We brought our stroller in case 
Oliver got sleepy!

The Start Line.

Trick or Treat!

Ninja Turtle!

Aunt Jess said Oliver liked the robot!


Cute Doggy Balloon!

Aunt Jess and Oliver looking for Mommy!

Where is she?

 Yippee!!!  There she is!
Cute Ninja with too much candy.

Oliver was running to Aunt Jess and he skidded on 
the ground about 5 feet.  Poor baby.  A nice kid
helped Oliver pick up his candy and the lady
at the Wal-Mart booth used her wand to make
his hand all better.  Mommy also had some
hugs to make it better.  It was a pretty bad fall.

They ate free ice cream!  Yum!  

Of course Oliver had some too!

Mommy would like to run this next year.  (Anyone
want to run it with Mommy?)

Candy Turtle.

Haunted Bus.

Very Scary!  There were screams coming from the bus!

It seemed more crowded this year!

Uncle Chad looking up Mommy's time.

Mommy had to go to the time booth.  Her
time wasn't listed.  She is kind of competitive.

It got fixed, you can't really see...
but Mommy was the 11th female overall and 4th 
in the 30-34 age division. (21:45 min, 7:01 min miles.) 
 There was some good competition.

Mommy and Oliver.  Oliver had to jump at
the count of 3 so that he would be part of the picture.
The background was actually green like his costume.
He has the cutest expression on his face!

Sweetness. The Loflens.
Before the race, Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad were 
playing with Maple.

After the race we went back to Aunt Jess and Uncle Chads.  We ate yummy mexican food together, ate some candy and watched Ninja Turtles for a bit.  Now we are having a slumber party here!  Happy Saturday!