Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Another really great donut Wednesday.  So sad the last one for August.  

We love Wednesdays!

Walking the donut window.


Paying Veronica, our donut friend.  This is her last day,
maternity leave!  We will miss her!

Oliver's donut.

Mommy's donut hole.

Funny picture of Oliver.  Mommy burned
her lips on her coffee.  Oliver said he had
a kiss that could fix it.  Sweet.


This window says, "The Pleasures in life are few, but one
of ours is serving you."  (This makes Mommy laugh,
but its true.  Lots of great workers behind the donut magic!)

Mommy's not sure if she has ever shared these
sweet figurines.  (Maybe?)

(Mommy's pansies.)

Wheatgrass Wednesday.

The other view.  (Yum.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Problem Solving

Oliver had an awesome day at preschool! He is learning about the letter "B" and he got to make a Blue Balloon!  Fun stuff!

After school we had two problems we needed to solve.  One problem actually begun the night before, Mommy realized she left Oliver's crocs at Grammie's and then she remembered that his sneakers were left at his Daddy's house.  Oops, Oliver didn't really have any shoes to wear to school.  Embarrassing.  Oliver ended up wearing his old crocs that have no tread and have been eaten by Haley the dog.  We went to Target to get some sneakers after school.  Mommy told Oliver he was adaptable and a good sport for wearing his old crocs.

Oliver really wanted the Toy Story sneakers.  He tried
them on and didn't think they were comfortable.  
Mommy was kind of relieved.

Mommy really wanted him to choose these loafers.
They made Mommy giggle thinking of her Owl
in them and some Khaki pants and a button up
shirt.  She can dream....

She thought he might like these but he didn't
care for them.

He chose converse!  Now Mommy and Oliver
can be twins!  They last forever too!  Mommy
has had hers since high school.

Our second problem happened at home.  Oliver was helping Mommy put nice clean sheets on her bed when he got sidetracked and tried to fix her window.  It usually only opens halfway, but for a couple weeks it has only opened a couple of inches.  Oliver went to work with his tools:

He used a saw and hammer.

Working hard.

Here he suggested we ask Uncle Kelly for
some help.  (Mommy is sure he has some
very thoughtful things to say.)  Last summer
he showed Mommy how to open her windows,
use the little pegs (and he showed her where
the lock was, hmmm...)  We didn't need
 to call him though...

Because Mommy tried the window one more
time and after putting a little more muscle into 
it, she got it to open better!  Victory for Oliver!

Now Mommy won't suffocate on these
crazy hot summer days!  (But she is a little
worried that a critter might crawl in at night.)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Morning Hike

This morning Oliver, Mommy and one of our babies went for a little hike at Daley Ranch.  Our goal was to make it to the Ranch House.  We made it!  Oliver only hiked for a little bit then joined the baby in the stroller.  It was a beautiful, warm, clear day!  

We had a great rest of the day together.  Mommy is really glad that her funny man is home!

Daley Ranch

Beautiful Day.


Little hiker seeking the shady spots.  

The trail.

Mommy loved all the oak trees along the trail!

So, glad we made it to the Ranch House area this time!

Mommy likes to take pictures of trails.

An old house across from the main house.

Ranch House.  They were doing some work on it.

The Ranch House Picnic Area.

Old Barn.  (Mommy likes old barn stuff, especially
when she gets to read about them!)
Old shack.

Inside of the shack.  Yucks.  Mommy wonders what
the story behind this little shack is...

Watching a semi truck bring in a tractor.

We went on the loop trail for a little bit,
but then turned around.  Oliver was 
getting tired.  Our next goal is to go the whole
loop together!



Looking east.  (It would be nice to watch 
the sunrise on that bench.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppet Show

Oliver came home early this evening.  We spent most of the evening getting back into our routine.  He had a ton of stuff to tell Mommy and Mommy was glad to listen.  She missed him.

He gave Mommy a Puppet Show on the kitchen floor.  He is good at acting!  (Just love some drama...)  He wasn't even using real words, just gibberish.  He was making Mommy laugh with his show.

Mommy is very glad her little hoot is home.

Writing the title on his board.  He was being pretty
funny.  (Mommy likes to laugh.)  Its been pretty
quiet here without him...(she could use a good laugh!)
Hopefully hes got more things up his little
 sleeve for her tomorrow!

The end of Oliver's Puppet Show, he was about to write the title of his show:

Ten Cute Things

When Oliver was a baby Mommy made a list of the ten cutest things about him.  She thought it was time to write another one, now that he four!  Wow!

Tree Climber- The original picture Mommy used
with her list.  It shows how Oliver was as a baby.
Very happy, Mommy could always get him to 
smile like that!  

Ten cute things about Oliver Owen McCain:

1. He loves to eat everything- from pesto to avocado.
2. When he gets excited he puts his hands into tiny fists and does a little fun grunt.
3. He gives big open mouthed kisses on your chin.
4. If you ask for a hug, he will wrap his skinny little muscle arms around your neck, tightly, and hug you!
5. He loves dogs, and will say dog when he sees a dog.
6. He loves yellow school buses and kids.
7. He took his first steps at 9 months old. Anyday now, and he will be walking throughout the house.
8. He dances. He will do a torso dance sitting down, a whole body dance standing up, and sometimes just a head dance where it bobs from side to side. He loves music.
9. He doesn't like to have his diaper changed. He will play with the wipe warmer and take all the wipes out while you are cleaning his bum.
10. He has the cutest laugh I have ever heard. It makes my heart warm and fuzzy when I hear him laugh. I love it. 

The New List:

Mommy chose the following pictures because they portray Oliver's quirkiness and his moodiness.  (Both things that Mommy loves, but aggravate her at the same time.)  Enjoy!

 Sitting with Ronald McDonald

Taking care of Ronald's heart.  (He is good at that.  
Mommy likes when he takes care of her heart.)

1.  He loves kettle korn.  He wanted Mommy to pull the car over because he dropped a piece.  He had a whole bag in his lap, but he told Mommy the piece that fell looked like a really good piece!
2.  He loves roly polies.
3.  He picks lavender for Mommy every time we are in the front yard.
4.  When he sees something he likes, he asks, "Mommy aren't you going to take a picture?"
5.  He loves taking care of his baby doll.  
6.  He is very sensitive (probably gets that from Mommy.)
7.  He has a huge imagination.
8.  He is telling little white lies.
9.  He is learning to read sight words.
10. He loves going on adventures. 

Mommy has missed her Owl a lot this last week.  She knows he had fun and she is glad.  It may be a whole month before he gets to see his Daddy again, he is going up north again.  

Mommy will be happy to see her baby tonight.  (It is hard to wait sometimes....)  Mommy just loves him so much!  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Not a Boring Pickup...

This morning Oliver came over for a bit and hung out with our daycare kiddos!  We had a very busy with new babies coming and going....  Oliver was happy to have a toddler to play with, they had fun in the backyard this afternoon!

This afternoon, Oliver waited in the window for his Daddy to pick him up.  Oliver was super excited!  His Daddy came to pick him up in his new Fish and Game Warden truck.  (Mommy thought many of her readers might find this interesting!)  Mommy knows Oliver would like to share it with everyone.   

Here are some pictures of Oliver's first time seeing his Daddy's official truck:

Oliver was so excited he couldn't contain
himself.  (Mommy could though...) Daddy
let off all the sirens and all the daycare babies
were sleeping.  Whoops!

First time in the truck.

Oliver is excited!

In the truck with the lights blinking.


Oliver excited.  (Mommy likes that ram.)
Daddy said he should be getting a new 
Chevy truck soon though...

Which Mommy guesses is a good thing for him, since
the truck was leaking stuff all over her driveway!


In his car seat!

And off they go.....

 (Ooooo.....a little scary!)

Mommy misses her Owl already, she won't see him until next Monday!  She is sure he will have fun though!

Happy Monday!