Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Donut Wednesday

Yippie, Donut Wednesday!  
(Happy Wednesday!)

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see her little person for daycare on Friday, on Saturday evening to watch him for a bit and at 4:00 on Sunday.  Even though she will get to see him a lot she still misses him.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Oliver went to the neighbors with Mommy tonight so she could get her haircut.  Oliver was a little cranky but he had fun playing on the swing set.

We came home and checked out the animals!

Harry was acting a little creepy, he was hanging from the roof.  Ugh.

(Goodnight and sweet dreams!)

Monday, July 29, 2013


Oliver was an entrepreneur today.  He tried to sell some grape juice he smashed with his own fingers at the end of our driveway.  Mommy is glad that he is inventive and is trying to earn some money, but thankfully not many people venture on our little street, so he didn't sell any.  Mommy tasted it though.  (She is a very good sport and maybe a little brave.)


He called the drink, "Lia," after our 6 month old
baby, because she is round like a grape!

Mommy tried to tell him it might be 
better if he wore pants when he is
trying to sell something to the public.

His face is really cute though!

He got the special chef hat as a prize
at the library reading program!


Sunday, July 28, 2013


We had a really nice Sunday with Emma!  Mommy felt like taking a ton of pictures:

We had fun in the backyard this morning:
Our Morning Glory is thriving!

(Tell Mommy what you think about it,
if you get a chance!)

We just love the flowers!

Oliver was intent on creating a zip line or whatever
you call it.  Mommy told him it would not work.
He was still intent on building it.

Emma loved talking to Chloe!

Mommy is glad he likes to invent things
But still. 

 We headed to the Puppet Show in Balboa Park:
Emma took a 10:00 kitty cat nap in the car.
Making up for her three nighttime wakings!
(She settled down last night when she
slept beside Mommy.)  Kids.

Pirate Paul's Pirate Party!

Puppet Show Happiness!

Pirate Flag!

Pirate Party!

The Pirate shared his treasure after the show!

We love the puppet theatre!

We walked around the park afterward!

No more parking lot in the center area!
It is really nice and much prettier!  

Find Oliver!

Mommy would like to go to this little museum.

We rode the carousel.  Emma was a little unsure
of the Meow.

So we rode in the sleigh!

Happy Kid!


Oliver's Animal!  We rode twice!

Then we walked to the playground!
In the stroller Emma kept saying,
"Play, play, play, play."

Oliver climbed the tree.

Mommy climbed too!
(Mommy wants to play too.)

We saw some neat murals on our walk back to the car.

And a neat squirrel!

We went to the country cottages too!

Oliver had a hot dog and some fruit punch 
in the U.S.A.

We watched a little dancing and listened to folk music!

We went to Germany...
Mommy got some Koffie and Apple Strudel.
It was delicious!  Oliver enjoyed the whip cream.  Sigh.

We always have the best surprises on our
adventures!  A Bride and Groom were 
waiting near our car for their photographer 
to arrive!  Oliver enjoyed watching the
Bride as Mommy loaded up the car.  

A longer, deeper Cat Nap.

Then, we needed to tend to Grammie's wagon 
garden and both Mommy and Oliver wanted
to report on our reading at the library:

We are both making good reading progress this

Then home for the evening:

Oliver worked on a beaver dam and Emma went
home a little after 5!  We will miss her!

We love adventure weekends!  
Happy Sunday!