Saturday, February 6, 2016


We had a nice Saturday full of together birthday goodness.  Mommy likes celebrating her birthday in simple, easy, together ways with Oliver.

Super Race for Super Bowl:

It was at South Shores park in Mission Bay.  

Start of the 10K.  We ran the 5K.

We did pretty good.  We improved our time by 3 minutes!

Finish line ambition.

So dramatic.  


Oliver headed to the water table.  There was no
water on the course.  Strange.

Waiting for the results.  It was crowded.

It was on a table, they must have forgot tape!
Oliver's results:  39 min 8 sec.  6th in his age group,
there were a lot more kids at this race!  It was
a great course!

Looking at buildings on our walk back.


We got there too early.  We've never eaten breakfast
at Ikea.  It was fantastic!

So we read with Mark Twain.

He tried to take a selfie with Mark and I.  It 
didn't work.

For Mommy's birthday?  No.

Our breakfast.  We couldn't resist getting the extra
waffles.  Swedish pancakes are like crepes.  

Homework.  Mommy has been really busy this week,
its her first week of classes too and she can't get
into the swing of it yet.  She should be able to settle
into a better routine this week.  It is essential that 
she does.  

Its nice Oliver has friends to play with!

And, loves to take breaks with Mommy at
antique shops!

And gets excited about playing with his friends.
He played with two boys who live on this street.
They are allowed to walk/ride to our home.  Mommy
trusts Oliver that he is safe.  (Its still scary though.)

Exactly what Santa must have imagined for our
home when he brought that fooseball table!

We learned that the Panthers and the Broncos were
playing tomorrow in the Super Bowl...from our
race t-shirts!  Happy Super Bowl!  

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