Tuesday, February 16, 2016

See Our World

Here is a glimpse at our world....

7:30 am

Neighbor kids came over to play.  So early!

Spotlight on Shane:

Jam session.

Sea World:

They were so into looking at the maps together.  It
was really cute!

We love our adventure buddy!

Oliver wanted to go on a ride, Claire couldn't because
she is not tall enough.  We waited.  He went alone.
Brave kid!


Megaladon eating their heads. 

We only saw one show, but it was awesome!

Claire loved the penguins.

Brrr...these penguins were a lot of fun to watch!

Souvenir shopping.  She always went for
the jewelry!  

She got a necklace, she kept touching
it to make sure it was there.

Penguin with pink diamonds!  

Beluga whale.

Waiting for Oliver while he was on a ride.


Ice cold wall!

He thought it was funny to touch Mommy with his 
cold hands.

To the arcade and playground!

Giant claw machine!


Claire and Mommy playing.  Claire found out
Mommy has a knack for winning.  But, Oliver
wouldn't share the prize.  Next time, Claire.

Net climbing.

Playing at the end of our day, while Mommy got
our passes all squared away.  Mommy and Claire
both got free passes for the whole year for being a 
teacher and a preschooler.  Oliver now has 3 guest passes.
We'll be back this year!!!

Drop off.  Look at the little pumpkin who went and 
sat on the seet to watch the crazy kids!

We had a wonderful day!  (Mommy is still recoveringan need sleep.)

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