Saturday, February 20, 2016


We had a mellow day.

Home Depot Workshop.


Stickers for the spinning box he built.

We messed up a lot.  

We drove to Sorrento Valley to pick up Mommy's
materials for her second season of coaching Girls
on the Run.  So excited for our running track!

Oliver making his friends dig the pond.  I wonder
how much more they will come over if he puts them to 
work like this.  Oliver just told Mommy that they
were actually digging out dirt the pushed into it.

Mommy was hard at work, almost ready to turn in
an assignment, when Oliver told her he accidentally
shot a water spigot pvc pipe with his bb gun.  It
was spraying water everywhere.  Great.  We are
very, very lucky to have Sergio as our neighbor. 
Very lucky.

The last part of our day wasn't that mellow.  (Oh well.)  Mommy will get her assignment done.

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